• The week of Nov 17th Lake Louise & Sunshine
  • Lake Louise Nov 14th 2019
  • Lake Louise Opens Top of the World and Summit Platter Nov 12
  • Sunshine Opens for the Season 2019-2020
  • Lake Louise Open for the 2019/2020 Season Nov1

Local Hikes

Guinns Pass the New Trail

September 13th 2020 The purpose of this blog is to show the new trail that was recently built to … [Read More...]

Mt Allan Centennial Ridge Traverse

  September 4th 2019 I had heard bad things about this trip so was pleasantly surprised … [Read More...]

Dolomite Pass to Mosquito Creek

August 22 2019 Just to get this straight the official trail called Dolomite Pass goes north from … [Read More...]

Snow Peak Burstall Pass

  August 14th 2019 Snow peak Trail Head is from Burstall Pass Day Use area. Opposite … [Read More...]

Grotto Mountain Direct Route and back via Grotto Buttress

August 9th 2019. OK that is all the routes up Grotto that I know of completed.  There are five … [Read More...]

Mount Bogart

Aug 2 cnd 2019 http://willski.ca/sparrowhawk-tarns-red-ridge-circuit/ See above link for … [Read More...]

Molar Pass N to S on Highline Ridge

July 31 2019   http://willski.ca/molar-pass-south-to-molar-north/ See this link for … [Read More...]

Mt Whymper

    July 25th 2019 Mt Whymper is the mountain directly across from Stanley … [Read More...]

Midnight Peak

July 17th 2019 This scramble has alluded me for sometime.I have gone up Baldy Pass may times and … [Read More...]

Mary Barclay Scramble

    June 13th 2019 Mary Barclay and her sister Catherine opened the first … [Read More...]

The Orphan

July 4th 2019 The Orphan is a Daffern hike also Spirko has a write up as well. Here is my view. … [Read More...]

Cory Pass Hike Banff

June 17th 2019 Cory Pass is one of the better know Banff hikes it is in all the info guides. It … [Read More...]

Heart Mountain Loop via Grant MacEwen Peak

  June 12th 2019 Although I have been up Heart Mountain a few times I just realised I … [Read More...]

Kent Ridge South

October 30th 2018 Kent Ridge South is at the south end of Hwy 742 the Smith Dorrien Rd from … [Read More...]

Mount Indefatigable

October 22 2018 Mt indefatigable is one of Kananaskis most scenic hikes. You don't have to go to … [Read More...]

Marmot Basin Kananaskis

October 15th 2018 Marmot Basin trail starts at the Nakiska Ski Resort. Or ribbon Creek or Troll … [Read More...]

Hunchback Hills or Lusk Ridge

October 05 2018 Yes this is October 5th . No this should have been a snowshoe trip not a hike. It … [Read More...]

Richardson Ridge from Hidden Lake

September 25th 2018 Winter weather continues although this is only September. Today got a bit of … [Read More...]

Panorama Ridge from Taylor Lake

September 19th 2018 I went up this way back in 2015 on the exact date and it was raining so I … [Read More...]

GR571003 Picklejar Lakes

August 28th 2018 Gr571003 An un-named peak over the ridge from Picklejar Lakes. Start at Lantern … [Read More...]

Downhill Skiing

The week of Nov 17th Lake Louise & Sunshine

November 19th Lake Louise November 21 … [Read More...]

Lake Louise Nov 14th 2019

November 14th 2019 Thursday turned ou to be a … [Read More...]

Lake Louise Opens Top of the World and Summit Platter Nov 12

November 12th 2019 Now the season is really on … [Read More...]

Sunshine Opens for the Season 2019-2020

November 8th 2019 Sunshine Village opened for … [Read More...]

Lake Louise Open for the 2019/2020 Season Nov1

  Nov 1 2019 Friday It was a surprise … [Read More...]

Cross Country Skiing

Pipestone Cross Country Skiing 2018

December 27th 2018 Pipestone only open for the … [Read More...]

Ribbon Creek Cross Country Ski October

    October 11th 2018 First … [Read More...]

Cascade Fire Road to Stoney Creek Cabin

February  20th 2018 Great trip to Stoney Creek … [Read More...]

Emerald Lake Cross Country Ski Trails

  January 27th Friday Looking for a … [Read More...]

Cross Country Skiing the Spray River Loop from Banff Springs Hotel

  January 13th 2017 The Spray River … [Read More...]


Johnston Canyon Winter Walk

March 12th 2017 Johnston Canyon is a few … [Read More...]

Moonlight Falls Snowshoe

February 19th 2017 Evan Thomas Day Use Trail … [Read More...]

Boom Lake in Winter

March 9th 2016 Set out to snowshoe to Boom Lake … [Read More...]

Stoney Squaw Snowshoe

January 27th 2016 Stoney Squaw is a small … [Read More...]

Snowshoeing High Rockies Trail

Dec 12th 2015 In late October I hiked from the  … [Read More...]