• Grizzly Peak
  • Black Rock Mountain
  • Boom Lake in Winter
  • Sunshine and South Side Chutes Revisited
  • Revelstoke  Resort  Kicking Horse and Lake Louise

Downhill Skiing

Looking back to Think again Chute

Sunshine and South Side Chutes Revisited

March 11th 2016 Skiing at Sunshine Village at … [Read More...]

Greg & Kerry with Revelstoke way below

Revelstoke Resort Kicking Horse and Lake Louise

Four days skiing at Kicking Horse Golden, … [Read More...]

Mt Temple and the Valley of the Ten Peaks

Lake Louise Ski Resort Feb 11

February 11th 2016 It was a day of surprises at … [Read More...]

The glades between Upper Scapegoat and Afterburner

Sunshine Opens Goats Eye Run

    February 9th Tuesday … [Read More...]

Near the bottom with better visiblity

First look into Wildside Goats Eye Sunshine Village

Tuesday February 2nd 2016 The South Side Chutes … [Read More...]

Local Hikes

Grand view of Grizzly Peak

Grizzly Peak

Grizzly Peak is located on Hwy 40 46 km south of Hwy 1. and 1 km from the Grizzly Creek parking. … [Read More...]

Lee admiring the view

Black Rock Mountain

Friday April 15th 2016 First hike of 2016 and it was a great one to start on. Black Rock Mountain … [Read More...]

Acephale Falls

Acephale Falls

October 26th 2015 This short hike to Acephale Falls is like the Echo Canyon hike, that I did on … [Read More...]

Lets go to Echo Canyon

Echo Canyon Grotto Mountain

October 26th 2015 My write up on Echo Canyon is a sad one as it is written in remembrance of … [Read More...]

Looking back into the trees

Chester Lake to Rummel Lake

September 18th 2015 The route from Chester Lake to Rummel Lake is not traveled on very often … [Read More...]

Larch at Saddleback

Saddleback Mountain

September 24th 2015 A beautiful fall hike in the lake Louse area when the Larch are at there most … [Read More...]

Early freeze

High Rockies Trail Goat Creek to Three Sisters Dam

November 4th 2015 An early snowfall nearly made this a snowshoe. In fact there were cross country … [Read More...]

The first suspension bridge across the Kananaskis river

Galatea Lakes

October 28th 2015 Galatea Lakes hike is a hike of many bridges and for that reason the trail has … [Read More...]

After the summit the ridge down

Grotto Mountain Traverse

Grotto Traverse is a very strenuous scramble from the Rats Nest Cave Parking to the summit is 1450m. … [Read More...]

Looking back to Peak 1

Little Sister Ridge

October 21 2015 Although the Little Sister is a technical climb it is a great ridge walk to the … [Read More...]

L to R Emerald Peak,Mt Marpole,The President & Vice President

Emerald Lake Triangle

  October 16th 2015 Yoho National Park and Emerald Lake. The Emerald Lake Triangle hike … [Read More...]

Ridge and Kananaskis Lakes

Lawson Ridge

October 14th 2015 The middle of October and the weather is better than early August. Lawson Ridge … [Read More...]

Mountain goats posing

Opal Ridge South & Grizzly Creek

October 7th 2015 Opal Ridge South starts at the Fortress Junction Service Station on Hwy 40 … [Read More...]

Carole and Bill with Schaffer lake behind

Lake O’Hara McArthur Lake

September 21st 2015 This is the second trip to Lake O'Hara this summer. Lake McArthur was the … [Read More...]

Hungabee anf the Horseshoe glacier rising above the Horseshoe lakes

Little Temple & Little Temple Lake

September 23rd 2015 Wow Little Temple and  Temple Lake hike / scramble has it all. In September … [Read More...]

Wintour and Elpoca Mt

King Creek Ridge

October 14th 2014 King Creek is better known for its creek hike than the Ridge but since the 2013 … [Read More...]

Bill waiting for the lift to run

Fortress Lake

September 8th 2015 It is hard to believe that it is early September with all the snow on the … [Read More...]

Looking down the ridge to the Col

Baldy Pass and Ridge

October 2nd 2015 We were not intending to go to Baldy Pass but as the Galatea Trail was closed … [Read More...]

Looking toward Healy Pass and The Monarch and The

Mt Bourgeau Scramble

September 11th 2015 Mount Bourgeau Scramble has alluded me due to poor weather a couple of times, … [Read More...]

View of Canmore in the fall

Ha-Ling Bowl Scramble

  September 25th 2015 Ha-Ling is one of  the most popular scrambles in Canmore. Going up … [Read More...]

Cross Country Skiing

Good snow depth at the Loo Lake O'Hara parking

Lake O’Hara Cross Country Skiing

Saturday February 5th 2016 Set off  from … [Read More...]

World Cup Biathalon  7.5 km Womans Sprint 7.5km

World Cup Biathlon Canmore Nordic Center

  Olena Pidhrushna (UKR), Krystyna Guzik … [Read More...]

At Protection Camp Ground. Castle Mountain behind

Castle Mountain to Baker Creek Cross Country Skiing

Monday January 11th 2016 Castle Mountain … [Read More...]

Andrew & Carole winding through the trees

Cross Country Skiing Bill Milne Trail

Dec 2 2015 Cross Country Skiing on Bill Milne … [Read More...]

Bill enjoying his first day winter nov 12 2015

Moraine Lake Rd & Lake Louise Resort X-Country & Downhill

Doing the double. Cross Country skiing and … [Read More...]


Pre-historic snow. Looks like a big aligator

Boom Lake in Winter

March 9th 2016 Set out to snowshoe to Boom Lake … [Read More...]

Close up of Mt Inglismaldie & Mt Girouard

Stoney Squaw Snowshoe

January 27th 2016 Stoney Squaw is a small … [Read More...]

At the beginning of the trail at the Goat Creek parking

Snowshoeing High Rockies Trail

Dec 12th 2015 In late October I hiked from the  … [Read More...]

The Famous Red Seats of the National Park

Snowshoeing at Marble Canyon

December 28th Sunday Snowshoeing at Marble … [Read More...]

Rummel Lake

Rummel Lake

Rummel Lake is a 10 kilometer snowshoe … [Read More...]