Downhill Skiing

Bill In some Powder

Update on Sunshine Village Conditions

November 20th  Thursday Update on Sunshine Village Conditions on Thursday. Even though we have … [Read More...]

Local Hikes

The Chateau Lake Louise from the Big Beehive

Devils Thumb Lake Louise

  Wednesday November 5th 2014 The Devils Thumb at Lake Louise is a well-known hike that … [Read More...]

From the top looking into Skogan Pass

Old Baldy Knoll

October 29th Wednesday 2014 Old Baldy Knoll, not to be mistaken as Mt Baldy and Baldy Pass. This … [Read More...]

Close up of Chinki Lake

McConnell Ridge South

  Monday October 27th 2014 McConnell Ridge South is part of Yates Mountain. At the … [Read More...]

Spray Lakes below

Windtower Mountain

October 22nd Wednesday 2014 Windtower Mountain is reached from the West Wind Pass Trail. The pull … [Read More...]

Ribbon Lake, Mt Kidd center

Buller Pass North to South

October 17th Friday 2014 Buller Pass North to South  is actually two passes. The common route is … [Read More...]

Local Hikes

Andrew at Tryst Lake

Tryst Lake Hike

Monday September 1st 2014 Tryst Lake  is a fine afternoon hike. The views are excellent and the … [Read More...]

First view of the glacial tarns of Horseshoe Glacier

Wastach Pass to Sentinel Pass

Friday August 29th 2014. A classic hike in one of the most iconic areas of the Canadian Rocky … [Read More...]

ockbound Lake with Helena behind

Helena Ridge & Rockbound Lake

Wednesday August 27th 2014 Last year I went to Rockbound Lake but did not go to the top of Helena … [Read More...]

Carrot Creek and one of the butress you see from Hwy #1

Mt Rundle Range #3 Peak

Monday August 25th 2014 The Rundle Range #3 Peak is one of the many peaks of the Rundle Range. … [Read More...]

Final scramble to the summit

Gusty Peak Scramble

  Monday August 18th 2014 Gusty Peak is according to Alan Kane is little more than … [Read More...]

Cross Country Skiing

It must be Spring the Pussy Willow is out

Mt Shark Spray Lake Loop XC Skiing

April 1st Tuesday Mt Shark is a cross country trail system that is usually track set for cross … [Read More...]