• Old Goat Glacier Hike
  • Lusk Creek Baldy Hiking Loop
  • Biking the Highwood Pass Road
  • Grassi Knob from the Highline Trail
  • Biking down the Goat Creek Trail

Local Hikes

First view of the tarn

Old Goat Glacier Hike

June 16th Tuesday 2015 The Old Goat Glacier is not named after a Billy Goat but an old person … [Read More...]

View of Barrier Lake from the new trail

Lusk Creek Baldy Hiking Loop

Saturday June 6th  2015 Drove to Lusk Creek Day use area just south of Hwy 40 on the … [Read More...]

Great views and a little down hill slope

Biking the Highwood Pass Road

Monday June 8th 2015 On a very warm June day we headed up Hwy 40 to the turn off to Peter … [Read More...]

Views down the Valley

Grassi Knob from the Highline Trail

Friday June 5th 2015 There is no official route up to the Grassi Knob but a worn track up through … [Read More...]

The new 2cnd bridge over the Goat Creek

Biking down the Goat Creek Trail

Monday May 25th 2015 Biking down the Goat Creek Trail to Banff and then back along the Legacy … [Read More...]

Bow Valley Parkway. Banff to Castle Mountain Hwy 1A

Bow Valley Parkway Banff to Castle Mountain by Bike

  Monday June 1st 2015 What a beautiful day to cycle from Banff to Castle Mountain … [Read More...]

Bridge on Montane Traverse

Montane Traverse

Montane Treverse is a local hike which spans 7.8 kilometers of treed forest, you begin the hike … [Read More...]

The Chateau Lake Louise from the Big Beehive

Devils Thumb Lake Louise

  Wednesday November 5th 2014 The Devils Thumb at Lake Louise is a well-known hike that … [Read More...]

From the top looking into Skogan Pass

Old Baldy Knoll

October 29th Wednesday 2014 Old Baldy Knoll, not to be mistaken as Mt Baldy and Baldy Pass. This … [Read More...]

Close up of Chinki Lake

McConnell Ridge South

  Monday October 27th 2014 McConnell Ridge South is part of Yates Mountain. At the … [Read More...]

Spray Lakes below

Windtower Mountain

October 22nd Wednesday 2014 Windtower Mountain is reached from the West Wind Pass Trail. The pull … [Read More...]

Ribbon Lake, Mt Kidd center

Buller Pass North to South

October 17th Friday 2014 Buller Pass North to South  is actually two passes. The common route is … [Read More...]

Quadra Glacier

Mt Bell Shoulder Ridge

October 10th Friday 2014 Today we set out from The Boom Lake Trail parking for Mt Bell Shoulder … [Read More...]

Spray Lakes from the summit

Little Lougheed Peak

October 8th Wednesday 2014 Little Lougheed Peak is a small outlier between Mt Lougheed and The … [Read More...]

Wardens Cabin at Floe Lake camp ground

Numa Mountain & Floe Lake.

October 2 2014 Thursday. The day did not start off too well with snow and ice on the highway. The … [Read More...]

Cross Country Skiing

View of Upper & Lower Kananaskis

Cross Country Skiing P.L.P.P. Blueberry Hill.

February 25th Wednesday 2015 What a beautiful … [Read More...]

Heading up the road

Lake O’Hara Cross Country Skiing

February 3 Monday 2015 Skiing into Lake O'Hara … [Read More...]

It must be Spring the Pussy Willow is out

Mt Shark Spray Lake Loop XC Skiing

April 1st Tuesday Mt Shark is a cross country … [Read More...]

The only small hill the entire route.This must be an old rail line

Baker Creek to Castle Mountain Cross Country Skiing

  March 6th Thursday. This week the  … [Read More...]

Robertson Glacier ahead

Burstall Pass Cross Country Skiing

Feb 27th Thursday On short notice we went  on … [Read More...]


The Famous Red Seats of the National Park

Snowshoeing at Marble Canyon

December 28th Sunday Snowshoeing at Marble … [Read More...]

Rummel Lake

Rummel Lake

Rummel Lake is an 10 kilometer snowshoe … [Read More...]

Chester Lake

Chester Lake

Chester Lake is an 3.8 kilometer snowshoe trail … [Read More...]


Hogarth Lakes Loop

Hogarth Lakes is an 4 kilometer loop with some … [Read More...]


Snowshoe to Sundance Canyon

Sundance Canyon Trailhead is located at the Cave … [Read More...]

Downhill Skiing

Bill atop Delerium Dive

Skiing Delirium Dive Sunshine Village

April 17th Friday 2015 Another monkey off my … [Read More...]

Bill with Lake Louise back drop

Skiing the Back Bowls Whitehorn Lake Louise

April 15th Wednesday 2015 Skiing the Back Bowls … [Read More...]

Views from Top Of the World Express on the front side

Conditions at Lake Louise April 2015

Thursday April 2nd 2015 Returned to Lake Louise … [Read More...]

Standish Virgins & Donkeys Tail

Sunshine Village Conditions March

  March 16th &  17th … [Read More...]

View of Lake Louise from Larch Chair

Lake Louise Downhill Skiing

February Tuesday 10th 2015 Lake Louise … [Read More...]