Snow Peak Burstall Pass


At Burstall Pass with Snow Peak challenging you to come to it

August 14th 2019

Snow peak Trail Head is from Burstall Pass Day Use area. Opposite from Chester Lake Day Use. Drive on the Smith Dorrien out of Canmore.  This is a description of another hike up Burstall Pass but shows more pictures of the lower route. Once at Burstall Pass head towards Snow Peak. I did not take enough attention of all the blogs I had read to understand to stay to the right ridge. Looking at the mountain the best way appears to be around the rock band to the left on the grass areas and that was the way we went. Of course we still made it to the summit but it was very steep and at times very loose. On descent this is the way down. A great scree run. Above all the green and scree the last 50 m there are two small rock bands where hands are needed . Nothing tricky. The snow in August has gone so no issues with that. Don’t forget your water shoes we made it over without but earlier in the season especially in the afternoon the water can be high.


First view of Snow Peak from the Trail Head

Another look at Snow Peak from the water flats

Final log crossing of the creek just left of the trail sign. On the water flats

More balancing on logs.Where is the bridge. No water shoes today.

After climbing up the trail through the trees from the water flats. The trail runs through this nice open flat meadow

That,s Snow Peak

Snow peak route Red is my route Yellow the correct route

The last few cliff bands to the summit

I like it when it is not steep any more

Leman lake with Sharks Fin and Mt Soderholm glaciated

Mt Sir Douglas

On the summit

Windless but a little cold. Time for lunch

Your friendly scribe on the summit

Mr Smutts and Smutwood Peak in the sun left. Birdwood pass traverse below right

A spacious summit

CGNFS and col to Mt Murray another of my conquests

Looking across Leman lake to Mt Soderholm

Descent route on scree



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