Mt Temple Scramble


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August 2 2017

Mt Temple is the only one of the famous 11000 footers that can be climbed by the average Joe. This is the first time since I started my blog that I have climbed it so I now have it recorded.     Go to this site and look for a Scramblers Guide to Mt Temple under summer brochures, for  a wonderful map and description of the route. I have taken the pictures so you can see where they are talking about. Start at Moraine lake, early for two reasons 1. It’s a long way 2. The parking lot will be full by 8:00. Follow the trail up to the Larch Valley. In late July and August bears may be in the area and there is a requirement to hike in groups four or more. Fine can be as much as $25000. Get to Sentinel Pass. Look right and that’s where you start the scramble. Weekends will be busy. Try mind week. We left the parking lot by 7:00 and were the first up. We only saw about six couples. On a sunny weekend expect 20 to 30 people on the summit. The route is broken into 7 section. 1. Hike Moraine Lake to Larch Valley. 2. Larch valley to Sentinel Pass. 3. Up the scree from Sentinel Pass. 4. First Grey Rock band. 5. Second Grey Rock band. 6. Light Brown Rock band. 7. Summit Ridge.

Map courtesy of Parks Canada


Mt Temple route from Sentinel Col

The Pinnacle top right is the half way point

Back towards Sentinel Pass

Coming across to the First grey rock band

Starting into the 1st grey rock band

Through the grey rock heading to 2cnd Grey Band

The gully at the 2cnd Grey band. Doug in white is about at the narrow crack

Entering the narrow crack 2cnd Grey rock band

Tight sqeeze

Coming through the narrow crack

Going back down the narrow crack

Above the 2cnd rock band looking down to the 1st rock band. Note the scree runs bottom left



Heading up towards the light brown rock step

Light brown rock step

Climbing the light brown rock step

Above the Light brown rock step going through the section that leads to the final summit ridge

That’s it the Summit 3550m

Summit shot 3X for me

Bill on the summit Mt Temple

Doug, Bill, JR Richard before the grunt to the summit


Distance return 16.0 km Time return 8 hrs ( inc 30 min lunch ) Elevation Accumulated gain 1655 m Elevation to Summit 1655 m Summit height 3550 m

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