Midnight Peak

Final steps

July 17th 2019

This scramble has alluded me for sometime.I have gone up Baldy Pass may times and always done a” Baldy “. Now I have done a Midnight Peak. Next time I will try doing Midday as well. This is not a joke see picture.  Start this scramble from the Baldy Pass parking on HWY 40 Kananaskis road. Going south from Hwy  #1 it is 15 km  park on the north ,right, walk across the road. At the top of Baldy Pass turn right. As seen in picture below. Follow trail but be careful not to follow the trail left down onto the Lusk Trail. Look for a trail heading up right. Steep walk through trees before heading out into the open rubble. Lot’s of chose of trail up to the summit. Starts of loose but gets better. We returned via the ridge north. Faint trail goes down and into trees. Just when you think you should be heading down a drainage right head up the final mound to find the trail  down as in picture. It gets tricky going down through the trees to the creek bed and Baldy trail as shown in last picture. Very steep and no trail. Do not get sucked to the left gully push over more right. Near the bottom join the watershed to the creek and back out.


Starting up from Baldy Pass

Midnight Peak from start of ascent

The route goes steeply up through the trees

Coming out of the trees.  Lot’s of trails to the summit

One of the many trails through the rubble

Ron & Ron nearly there

At the summit already nice

The downward ridge looking north

Midday Peak

The Baldy trio of summits

Coming of the summit far right

Nice travel in this area

Trail goes a round rock outcrop

We will be heading for the far end of the ridge

Good view back of Midnight Peak

The track down into the Baldy Creek

The track exit into the Baldy Creek





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