Engagement Mt to Razors Edge

June 30th 2021

Since last going to Razors Edge a new trail has been built from the Quaite Valley trail to the bottom of Razors Edge that used to come out near the rock cut on Hwy 1.

The Engagement Mt/ New Razors Edge trail takes off to the east ,left a couple 200 m from the trailhead. Engagement Mt trail takes off from this after another 200m .Y to the right. Trail winds up through trees for 470 m of elevation gain. Occasional views down the Bow Valley give a person time to rest. Views from the top are very good for such a small mountain. Then we continued down the other side to the Razors Edge, Quaite Valley trail. We did this hike in the middle of the heatwave so started early with the rising east sun not reaching the west slope. Tress on the Edge trail gave shelter until 10:30. After second breakfast we turned around and headed back down Razors Edge to the new trail and back to Quaite.




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