Mt Cory Scramble

We came up this gully Mt Edith behind


June 30th Monday

Mt Cory Scramble turned out to be a bigger day than expected. I should have know it was 1400m to the summit. The scramble starts on Hwy 1A 1.9km from the Hwy 1 turn off or 1.6 km from Fireside Parking. The pulloff is paved and the trail starts in the trees. See Change below. The trail is easy to follow but is steep and relentless for 2 or more hours. The interesting stuff starts from the meadowed col.           UPDATE August 7th 2018

Came back at a better time of the year to bag the North Peak. The route looks different without the snow and this time took a slightly different route. The start is also changed as they have cleared all the trees for the new power line. At the start go through the gate ( picture ) and turn right after a few hundred meters looks for the trail through the trees on the left ( picture ). After the 2 hours or so to the meadowed col go straight ahead  and follow the trail around to the right to the dell. The cave “Hole in the Wall “is ahead and left not the way up. Look for the  dell to the right On the dell look for the cairn and take the first left up. My way up differed from last time. When you get to the first rock mass you can either go over the top or around into the gully. Then comes the last rock mass to the summit. The first time we climbed up this as well .The second time we went around and followed a faint trail to the col between the summits. This was not possible the first time due to the big cornice. On the way down on both trips we found ourselves going down scree which is really nice but it is off route in the water drainage to  descenders right. Then had to climb out to get back on the ridge to get back to the trail.

Trailhead 1.9 km down Hwy 1A

Looks like this now they have cleared for the power line

From the power line just see the trail starting up




At the Meadow Col

At the Meadow Col

When you reach this point you will be all turned around to the direction of travel because you have been looking at a false summit for the whole time.  The direction of travel is straight ahead and around the corner to the dell.

This shows the trail from the meadow to the dell. It goes around to the right


The cave stay right

The cave stay right The Hole in the Wall

The next point of significance is the Cave. The trail goes right to the dell

After coming around from the meadow to this small dell

At the dell take this first trail up .Note cairn bottom right. It is the easier way


There is a trail out of the dell here or one on the first left just at a cairn

The route ahead

At this point see cairn or just go left along rock wall

Showing route below the rock wall

last push to the col between the peaks .Note hiker left of snow

A faint trail to the col

North Peak that I did not get to last time. Below at the snow the col

Looking back at the South Peak from the North Peak






The final stretch to the top

The final stretch to the top

The final piece of the puzzle with the summit in reach. This is the route the first time up

Doug on final approach

Doug on final approach

The South summit was reached but we were disappointed that a huge cornice blocked our way to the North summit. The time to the top was 4.5 hrs about 2 hrs from the Meadowed Col. Huge accumulated total elevation gain of 1740m


Note——- GPS off misted 1st 50m———-

Distance return 10 km. Time return 8.15 hrs( inc 30 min lunch ). Elevation gain accumlative 1740 m.  2cnd time 1480  Elevation gain to summit 1310 m. Total height 2810 m

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View from south summit

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View from south summit