Molar Pass N to S on Highline Ridge

Patty passes the Pinnacle

July 31 2019 See this link for  Trailhead description and route  from South  to North  Molar going below the ridge.

For this trip we decided to start from the North Molar Pass you could start from the south. But bare in mind it is easier to scramble up than down.  We also chose not to go all the way to the South Pass but descend from the Col below the Hounds Tooth. Go across country and intersect the South Molar Pass Trail. It may have shortened the route but may have been easier to climb up from the Col and come out at the South Col, where a worn trail exists.  This trip has everything great views ,alpine flower meadows and unusual rock formations.

Early view of the Hounds Tooth

Distant view of the Pinnacles

Close up view of the Hounds Tooth

Close up view of the Pinnacles

View down into Molar meadows

North Molar Pass. The snow never goes and this is the route to the Ridge

The Meanderthal party tackle the ridge from the North Col

Scramble bits up to the  Pinnacles and Hound Tooth right

The colours of the Pinnacles

A straight plod to the summit

South into Fish lake

Mount Hector and Andromache


Alpine flowers Molar pass




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