East Wendell Peak

Wendell East overview

September 23 2020

Wendell East in the CMC Valley. Start as for Yamnuska. When on the col the trail is there ahead through trees. Go down into the valley. Creek has to be crossed but walk left to an unofficial campsite where a plank has been placed across the creek.Walk along the trail going up the creek/valley left. Continue until trail runs out and climb grassy slope to picture above. Grovel up scree as best you can keep ro rocks if possible.As you near the top cross left to find large slab. If to far right there is still a route through to the backside. Once on the backside things are hunky dory. Plain sailing to the summit along nice rock along the ridge. The descent is the same way but is down ankle deep scree .Once out of scree and back on the grassy /treed hump follow trail left but keep going down low to find the trail used to come up. Bad part to come is the climb out of Valley to the Yam Col.

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A lot of scree but a faint trail that is loose
Need to get to the left of rock wall right and have rock wall left on your left arrow
Reaching the big slab
This is rockwall left on your left after slab
After slab you come out on the other side of mountain
View back into CMC valley
Started on the green treed hump looking down
A few false peaks but the going is easy and enjoyable
Still heading up to the summit
Ron on summit
Pink summit registry. Who had the pink spray can ???
Looking back towards false peaks
Looking S.W
Looking N.W
East towards Ghost Area