• Orphan Peak to The Rimwall Kananaskis
  • Little Chesmill Peak
  • Lost Lake & Beyond
  • Ochre Springs Peak
  • Johnson Lake and Hermit Cabin

Local Hikes

Orphan Peak to The Rimwall Kananaskis

August 26th 2023 Rimwall summit. Happy to make two summits in one outing Some thing new but … [Read More...]

Little Chesmill Peak

August 19th 2023 Yes Martha it is steep This hike was first seen when we went along the … [Read More...]

Lost Lake & Beyond

August July 24th 2023 7 Lost Lake is found Lost Lake is found by going up Galatea Trail … [Read More...]

Ochre Springs Peak

Looking back at the bushwacking as we break out into the shale July 12th 2023 Ochre Springs … [Read More...]

Johnson Lake and Hermit Cabin

Bottom end of Johnson lake June10th 2023 Johnson Lake is a very popular destination for … [Read More...]

Red Basin to Red Peak Return Buller North Pass

Looking into Red Basin July 5th 2023 Red Basin to Red Peak and back down Buller Pass North. … [Read More...]

Begby Falls Revelstoke

Begby Falls Begby Falls is short hike in the Revelstoke area. Drove down Hwy 23 S for 8.5 km … [Read More...]

Praire View to Mt Yates Firelookout & Jewell Pass Loop

Firelook out to right. Cliff is the paraire Lookout June 6th 2023 This well known trail from … [Read More...]

Boundary Peak

At the Lusk meadow looking Boundary ridge May 24th 2023 Great early season hike. Snow retreats … [Read More...]

Fullerton,Bobcat,Strange Brew,Sugar Daddy and Elbow

First Bridge Fullerton Bobcat is in Elbow River Provincial Park. Not far passed the Kananaskis … [Read More...]

South Hector Peak

September 23rd 2022 Into the valley. At the bottom was a large avalanche creek. tried to go down … [Read More...]

Sulphur Mountain Ridge Banff

Many more Ridge Peaks to climb September 30th 2022 Knowing this was going to be a long day we … [Read More...]

Spoon Needle from Opal Day Use

Spoon Needle from Opal day use September 2 2022 Spoon Needle. This is the mountain that looks … [Read More...]

Noseeum Hike to Molar Pass Loop

Aug 24th 2022 Although I have been up Noseeum Mountain and also explored around the Lake and … [Read More...]

Opal North Peak

The majestic North Opal Peak August 17th 2022 Opal North is located just south of the Kananaskis … [Read More...]

Redoubt Lake Circuit

Looking at the Golden Larches in the Redoubt Lake Valley September 24th 2021 One of the most … [Read More...]

Burns Lake via Arethusa Circ

Burns Lake Via Arethusa Col Burns lake September 21st 2021 Burns Lake is a remote lake … [Read More...]

Grizzly Ridge Peak to Highwood Ridge Peak.

Pocaterra Ridge reflecting in small tarn September 10th 2021 Arrived early enough to get into … [Read More...]

Commonwealth Peak

Climbed up through here .Col and Mt Burstall behind September 4th 2021 This Peak is found … [Read More...]

Bald Eagle Mountain ( Squaws Body part )

Bill on top of the world August 27th 2021 Bald Eagle has just been officially names this past … [Read More...]

Downhill Skiing

Lake Louise West Bowl

January 7th 2021 See pictures of the new West … [Read More...]

First powder day at Sunshine Village Ski Resort

December 5th Thursday A great day at Sunshine … [Read More...]

The week of Nov 17th Lake Louise & Sunshine

November 19th Lake Louise November 21 … [Read More...]

Lake Louise Nov 14th 2019

November 14th 2019 Thursday turned ou to be a … [Read More...]

Lake Louise Opens Top of the World and Summit Platter Nov 12

November 12th 2019 Now the season is really on … [Read More...]

Cross Country Skiing

Pipestone Cross Country Skiing 2018

December 27th 2018 Pipestone only open for the … [Read More...]

Ribbon Creek Cross Country Ski October

    October 11th 2018 First … [Read More...]

Cascade Fire Road to Stoney Creek Cabin

February  20th 2018 Great trip to Stoney … [Read More...]

Emerald Lake Cross Country Ski Trails

  January 27th Friday Looking for a … [Read More...]

Cross Country Skiing the Spray River Loop from Banff Springs Hotel

  January 13th 2017 The Spray River … [Read More...]


Altrude Lakes Snow Shoeing

April 9th 2021 Altrude Lakes is accessed from … [Read More...]

Crowfoot Glades Snow Shoe

Bill on top of a rock April 1st … [Read More...]

Black Prince Snow Shoeing

Jan 1 2021 … [Read More...]

Tryst Ridge Snowshoeing

December Monday 28th 2020 Start this winter … [Read More...]

Ross Lake Snowshoe

December 11th 2019 Started from the parking … [Read More...]