Sulphur Mountain Ridge Banff

Many more Ridge Peaks to climb

September 30th 2022

Knowing this was going to be a long day we decided to pay for the ride up and down on the Banff Sulphur Mountain Gondola. Locals and residents of Alberta get a reduced rate.

After arriving at the top we took the less trodden path to the south or left. I was surprised at the number of peaks and the elevation gain and loss between them. The total that is not reflected on the GPS stats is 1064 m elevation gain. For every down there is an up and vice a versa as you have to return the same way. The elevation difference between Peak 4 and Peak 5 is only 4 m

An enjoyable hike. Very pleased at the end of the day that we only had to wait our turn to ride down the Gondola. Yes we could have gone on further. Would we have been able to descend into the Goat Valley. Maybe but then it would be a long walk out. Hey we had a ticket to ride anyway.

Gnarly tree at start of Ridge
Leaving the Gondola Station
Early morning views of Banff
A few minor bumps from the Gondola
The first of many little scrambles
Rimrock Hotel and Gondola parking lot
Another scramble to the first major peak

Must be a high point
Gondola a ways back now
Nice rock to walk up
4th and second to last Peak
Looking back
Moss covered tree
Coming to the top of last but one peak
Sundance Range
Lee on peak 4
Last peak and highest
Top of Peak 5 highest
Looking back from last peak. See the cut block for fire prevention for Banff
Looking back at peak 4. and thinking we have to get back up there
Top of peak 5
Top of peak 5 with peak 4 behind
Back at Gondola for ride down after seeing no one all day