Charles Stuart Peak

Looking back down the scree rubble

  1. Trailhead = Start from Silvertip Golf Course
  2. Walk the Moraine Traverse to Johnny”s Trail
  3. Cross Stoneworks Canyon follow trail up
  4. Cross Canyon to trail on the other side
  5. When trail runs out follow Canyon
  6. At head of canyon look for trail out on the left
  7. Follow trails up through rubble.
  8. All is going well until 150 m from summit scree becomes very loose
  9. The track shows we went straight up.It may be wise to cut to the ridge on your right.
  10. Return down the ridge to a great scree run to exit.
  11. Return through rubble and Canyon
  12. Have a beer at Silvertip. This will probably be your last time up this one.Just tick it off the list.
Further up Stoneworks canyon
Stoneworks Canyon
Near the end of the Canyon
This is where the trail leaves the Canyon
Coming out of the Canyon
Charles Stuart center head for the snow strip
This makes it look further and flatter
Looking back down the scree rubble
Beautiful view into Canmore,Tit on the right
At the summit
Ridge over to the Tit
Happy hikers on the summit
Ridge down to the scree run
Looking into the north .This area would be accessed from Cougar Creek
Trail down ridge to the summit
This is a great scree run
Shows how steep the last 150 m is
Relaxing on the summit
View east from the Summit
At this point you are wishing you were somewhere else