Mount Collembola to Mt AllenTraverse

Mt Allen ridge we would descend

September 2 2020

What a beautiful day to be out hiking. I have always wanted to get onto Mt Collembola as I can see it from my house. The idea to grab two peaks and make a loop sounded like a good idea. Last year I did the Mt Allen Traverse from Ribbon Creek to Wind Valley parking Deadmans Flats. This would be a little more of a challenge.

We started from Deadmans Flats and walked up the old road to the base of Mt Collembola.Next time I will take a bike .Even if I have to push it up hill the return would be all down hill and so much faster. The road is in good enough condition to do this. It is 6 km and 640 m.Just as the road ends look for a cairn /flagging on left. Push through the trees to open slopes and take best route up over a lip hiding the ridge. We stayed mostly right and missed some of the high points .It may be worth just getting onto the top od the ridge and keep going.Dropping down if you have to. The crux is the rock band to the summit. Head up toward the cliff then cut left and climb up to a is not that exposed. Take the first gully and come out onto open grassed ridge to summit. Heading down the other side to col then another rock band can be bypassed left. Drop down to col of Mt Allen then climb up 340m I went across left to attain the ridge coming up from Ribbon Creek the others went straight up. Head back down the Centennial Ridge. Completing the loop where the Trail leaves for Collembola. Now it is only 6 km back where’s my bike!!!!

Heading up the trail to Mt Collembola from the end of the road
First view into the Bow Valley
Collembola behind as we catch our breath
Pigeon Mountain
Mount Allen and ridge
The view looks good from Collembola
Nasty section ahead to the summit
Gingko leaves from the Upper Jurassic.
the route ahead to the summit
The small ledge to access the gully
one of the gullys to climb up
Above the gully crux over
looking into Marmot Basin
After the crux a stroll to the summit
At the summit cairn.Another pink box was the Pink Panther out hiking this year
A summit shot of the crew
Down hill now Nakiska ski runs
Go down to the col .Then to the left of the rock band
The ridge up to Mt Allen
Ridges across to the Three Sisters in the distance
Looking back down Collembola
From the summit to the col between another sub peak
Go way left and find the weakness to get around
looking back to Collembola summit
heading left pass this giant head rock
Passed the big head rock and heading towards the ridge up to Mt Allen
Jubilee tarns
Looking back to the sub peak with the giant rock
This is Marmot Basin
At Mt Allen Summit
Bear prints on MtAllen Ridge down