Sparrowhawk Tarns


View of larch & Spray Lakes

September 27th Friday

Where to go when you have to be back in town by 4:00 pm, how about Sparrowhawk tarns just a short ride up the Spray Lakes Road and not too far to hike. Oh and this was my first time so a bonus for me.

The parking lot is closed for the winter so we had to leave the car on the road side. No dust due to all the wet weather and snow. No snow for the first 3.0 kms but as you leave the thick trees winter starts.


Deep snow all the way to the far end of the tarn valley

The snow was deep enough to hide the trail. The rock garden section was  very hard travelling as the snow-covered all the rocks and you could not tell if your foot would fall between a rock up to your knee or thigh.


Rock Garden of horror

The landscape was very stark and tarns hard to come by


On the way back we found the only tarn not frozen

The wind was fierce and snow was blowing our tracks away on the high points.In the dips we found a warm place for lunch. A good hike with the weather making it very interesting. The quote of the day was December at the top September at the bottom.

Distance 11.2 km        Elevation gain 750 m        Time  5:30 hrs



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  1. Bill they are Sparrowhawk Tarns, not Sparrow Hark Tarns. It was a great day.