Guinns Pass the New Trail

Trail heads up to Guinns Pass

September 13th 2020

The purpose of this blog is to show the new trail that was recently built to replace the old Guinns Pass Trail that got washed out in the 2013 floods. The new trail now is a little longer in distance but easier to use. The trail starts at the Galatea Parking off Hwy 40.see previous blog        This was a traverse but shows the old route up Guinns Pass.The next one one shows just going up to Galatea lakes. Ten Bridges      OK so at Lillian lake follow the signs to Guinns Pass and Galatea lake at the camp Site. This is a steeper grade than up to Lillian Lake but is a well worn path. Just before Lower Galatea Lake another sign indicates the way to Guinns Pass and this is now the new part of the trail. It is well built and gradually cuts across the mountain side to the Pass or the Col. A big improvement to the washed out Gully the old trail took.


The new Guinns Pass trail cuts across the side of this unnamed peak

The gully is the old route

The old abandoned trail. Before Lillian Lake

Lillian Lake

Above Lillian Lake the new trail starts

From the new trail looking at the Lower Galatea lake. Upper Galatea Lake is behind the small headwall

Lower Galatea lake

From along Guinns Pass trail Lillian Lake

The new Guinns Pass trail

Trail goes around the rocks

At Guinns Pass Col looking at South Buller Pass upper middle left and lower middle right into Ribbon Creek

Impressive rock from the Pass

2cnd Ridge is Fortress Ridge accsessed  from the Fortress ski Hill behind distant Fisher range

A close look of The Fortress

Lower Galatea Lake. Mt Galatea behind



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