Crowfoot Lake (unofficial name)

Island on main lake

July 20th 2018

Just to make it clear this lake has no name on the map so I called it Crowfoot because it is in the lee of the Crowfoot Mountain. It does show on the map to the south of the trail going up to the Bow Hut. The lake is seen  from the Bow Hut and that is where we got the idea to check it out. We made a loop out of the route because we could. The way we went up was just before the little creek and that looked the east way. The way down is a  bit steeper but still comes out on the trail. After viewing the lake we went up higher hoping to reach the end of the Crowfoot mountain that overlooks Bow lake unfortunately it was too many false summits away and time ran out. This turned out to be a more beautiful lake than expected and is definitely worth the trip. The turn off at the creek is about 5.6 km and the exit from the lake is at 4.7 km. There are some faint trails.

Route up to Crowfoot lake from the creek turn off

Further up the route to Crowfoot Lake

Bow Hut with St Nickolas Peak behind

A little dell before the lake with Mt Jimmy Simpson behind

Crowfoot Lakes

Smaller of the Crowfoot lakes

Crowfoot lake

Iceberg Lake

The Eye and Mt Olive Crowfoot Lake center

The route down .We went between the trees and the cliff

A look at one of the ways down from the lake

The high point we were trying to reach. Too far today

We came down the yellow scree


Distance return 14.0 km Time return 6 hrs ( inc 30 min lunch ) Elevation Accumulated gain 740 m Elevation to Summit 515 m Summit height 2245 m

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