Cory Pass Hike Banff

Looking down the Valley Mt Louis on Left

June 17th 2019

Cory Pass is one of the better know Banff hikes it is in all the info guides. It is stated as strenuous and this is true. I think a lot of visitors under estimate how strenuous the hike is. 450 m of straight up and then some rock scrambling up and down. Not a stroll in the park. Then a total of 1015 m of elevation gain and 13.5 km. This is not something you pop into do in the afternoon. The hike starts on Hwy 1A just outside Banff. Do not go through the big wooden park entrance sign turn immediately right. The hike is broken into 6 phases. 1…. Trailhead  and up 450 m  2…. Rock section up and down. 3……… Push onto the Pass to 950 m. 4………. Cory Pass down Gargoyle Valley. 5……….. 70 m climb out of Gargoyle Valley. 6 ……….. Edith/ Norquay valley back.


Cory Pass Trail Head

Early easy going

Nice lookout of Sulphur Mt & Rundle with Vermillion lakes

Not so much a hike at this point

Yes straight down the drop

Not everyones idea of a hike

Plain sailing now to the Pass

Nice hiking

The Cory Pass where the small snow patch shows

At the Pass with lingering snow more on the down side

Gargoyle Valley just over the Cory Pass

Agile sheep cling to Mt Louis rock wall

After lunch and a small up climb you are treated to this red track




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7602-creek-flows-under-the-bridge at-trail-head

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creek-flows-under-the-bridge at-trail-head