Burns Lake via Arethusa Circ

Burns Lake Via Arethusa Col

Burns lake

September 21st 2021

Burns Lake is a remote lake behind Storm Mountain Kananaskis. This is a very hidden lake. The route in is from Arethusa Circ just down from Highwood Pass. The elevation at the trail head is 2100 m so you get a good start in elevation. Follow the trail into the Circ and up onto the bench. From there try and find a faint trail up to the Col .This is the same route as if you were scrambling Mt Arethusa. As there is a cliff band at the low part of the Col head slightly left. See picture of Chimney we came through. Build a cairn or be well aware of were you came up from for the return. As we were unsure of the way down we wasted time looking along the bottom of the scree way above Blayney Tarn. Then took the obvious way down the watercourse at the low V part. There is a worn animal or human trail to the right of the dry waterfall. Now drop down 485 m to Burns Creek. We did not go over to Blayney Tran due to time restraints. Burns Lake is a beautiful lake very remote and peaceful. After a rest for lunch we headed back the same way pleased with our efforts.

Arriving to see Arethusa Circ
Creek at Arethusa and larch
Looking down into the Circ from the bench
Terrain going up to the Col
Going up to the Col trying to stay on stable rock
Me on the scree up to Col
The chimney through to the Arethusa Col
Bottom right from the col is the way down to Burns lake at the V
Blayney Tarn below from below col
Blayney tarn from above
A better look at Burns Lake
Looking across the Burns Creek Valley
Lee looking into Burns Creek Valley Burns lake far right
Looking back at the way down with the V watershed top center
Coming down from the V .We had heavy wind .Mt Arethusa top center
The Circ of Mt Rae and Arethusa
Spring coming out of mountain side feeding Burns Creek
Following the creek to Burns Lake
Testing the waters
Burns Lake
Looking back to Blayney Tarn .The route down is on the middle left
Returning through Arethusa Circ