Hailstone Butte Fire Lookout

From the weather station to the  Fire Lookout

September 1 2017.

Hailstone Butte Fire Lookout is on Hwy 532. From the north come off Hwy 40 at Highwood Junction down Hwy 940. At the Husky Oil Savana Creek Plant turn onto Hwy 532. 3 km along is the pull out and trail head at Teardrop Lake. Windy Peak Hills Trail head is from the same spot. Follow the trail across the road up the valley. The trail becomes faint as it rises but head toward the rock ledge to the left of the fire tower. Walk along the ledge to find the easy way through. At the top of the rock ledge the Fire tower is a short walk up to the right. As this is an active lookout you cannot gain access (see Photo). As it is a short walk to this point we decided to walk to the top of the ridge where there is a big box that could be a weather station. Other websites show a short cut down off the ridge back to the car. We went back down the same way through the rock band at the concrete parking blocks!! Then took off across to the Hump. Some attractive rocks and trees in this area, before heading down back to the car. A very nice afternoon hike on our way down to Pincher Creek to scramble Mt Haig the next day.

Hailstone Butte with Fire Lookout top right

Trail up to the rock face

Looking for the way up on to the ridge

Easy steps up to the ridge. Coming out at the concrete  blocks

Looking over to Plateau Mountain

Fire Lookout Hailstone Butte

I  don’t know what these concrete blocks are for, hitching a horse or parking a car!! but it indicates the way down

The trail up is visible below

The pond Teardrop Lake at the trail head

Looking down The Hump

Looking back up The Hump



Distance return 7.5 km Time return 3 hrs ( inc 30 min lunch ) Elevation Accumulated gain 630 m Elevation to Summit 330 m Summit height 2385 m

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