Red Basin to Red Peak Return Buller North Pass

Looking into Red Basin

July 5th 2023

Red Basin to Red Peak and back down Buller Pass North. The idea came from Gillean Dafferns route into the basin with some modifications. See Dafferns Kananaskis Country Guide Vol1.

Start at the Spray lakes day use area walk across the road and head up to the High Rockies trail. On the north side of the creek see trail. This trail is very good for quite some way, but like all good things it ends and bushwacking begins. Stay above the creek as long as you can but keep the creek insight. When alders and other ugly bushes bar the way drop into the creek. From the creek we could see a big pile of rocks which turned out to be the foot of the Rock Glacier. For all you rock hounds this is a very important geological area. Moving rocks by shear weight and force. Although I understand there could have been ice deep underneith and some time. Keep to the creek and skirt around all this jumble of rocks. My picture shows the route we took,which was OK but on reflection I would have contiued further along the creek to maybe avoid some of the rock we walked over and then headed up. As per Dafferns/Alf Skrastins route. Getting to the col was a steep unrelenting slog. Once at the col it is just a matter of pushing onto the Red Peak summit,where lunch awaits.

Return down to the col and cut across the shoulder of an outlier of Mt Buller to Buller Pass summit. Not very pleasant as it is loose and steep, but saves going down and round. Then it is the standard route down Buller Pass trail

We had placed a car at the Buller trail head parking to perform the car shuttle.

Trailhead from Spray Lakes day use
High Rockies Trail and trail head
After some bushwhacking we arrived here
The jungle is a little more open at this point
Dropped down into Red Basin Creek for ease of hiking
Walking up the creek
The mound ahead is the rock glacier
Stilll following the creek
On the edge of the rock glacier but left the creek. Later we realised we should have continued in the creek
Cutting across still below the rocks
Nice walking up a green ridge
Route by lines
The last push to the Col. Steep loose rubble
A couple of specs on the way up. Red Basin. Rock Glaciers
Starting off for Red Peak
Red peak left Mt Bogart right
Mt Buller left right is Mt Nester and Old Goat
Group nearly at the summit. Red Peak
Mt Bogart right and Sparrowhawk left.The Sparrowhawk tarns below
Spray Valley and Mt Sparrowhawk
Views north from Red Peak
Looking back down the col from Red peak
Happy Hikers Red peak
Red Ridge and Tarns below
Mt Bogart
From the Col cutting across to Buller pass
tricky traverse across to Buller Pass