The Wedge

Bill Happy to be On top of The Wedge

August 17 2020

When driving up Hwy 40 you can see The Wedge and think I have to get up “that one ” So this is me getting up “that one ” It was a very hot day.

  • Dive Hwy 40 to the Wedge Pond
  • Walk though gate to paved bike trail turn right
  • In 10 m take a trail on the left
  • Follow trail through woods
  • Leaving trees it becomes steep and first views of The Wedge
  • At foot of The Wedge rock wall look for a cairn
  • Start up here. This is possible the hardest part.
  • Work to the right ridge looking for a cairn
  • Once on the Ridge a well worn trail appears
  • Continue to the top. Turn left and walk across top ridge.
  • One small spot of exposure
  • Head to the summit.Small scramble up.
  • Return the same way
Pat on the trail after the forest

First sight of the Wedge
Lto R Doug Pat Clifton See Wedge Pond way below
Red line shows approx route X show where to get on the ridge
The start of the scramble see cairn with stick right
I think this part is the hardest. Not the crux
Partial Clifton shows where to attain the ridge edge
Pat about to get to the Ridge edge
Easier going after the scramble at the start
Doug showing some leg as he pushes up
Looking back to the start of the top ridge
The summit ridge with the summit distant
Doug on the crux
Coming back up the Crux on the summit Ridge
The last piece the top is the summit
Looking back down from the summit
Bill on the Summit Ridge
The MacKay Hills
Looking north
Fortress Resort