Grizzly Ridge Peak to Highwood Ridge Peak.

Pocaterra Ridge reflecting in small tarn

September 10th 2021

Arrived early enough to get into Highwood Pass Parking and set off up the trail towards Grizzly Col. I have completed numerous hikes from this trail head but not gone from Grizzly Col and Peak across to Highwood Peak and Col. The route looks to be unattainable but by mostly staying high on the ridge it becomes a interesting route through. Once on the Highwood Col we set off down but as we came in line with the parking lot the temptation was to great not to just head straight down the steep slope of scree and bush. There is a band of trees in front of the trail from the parking lot and it is quite dense but we found a nice dry water course to descend down that worked just fine coming out onto the trail. I would estimate that this way saved over 45 mins from our time going back.

Pocaterra Ridge
Grouse says you cannot see me
Spot the grouse
Grouse thinks he is hidden
From Grizzly Col to Mt Pocaterra and ridge
Route up to Grizzly Peak
Route across to Highwood Co;
Faint trail visible
Looking back to Grizzly Peak Col bottom right
Route forward to Highwood
Is it a Goat or Lee
The grand view North Pocaterra Ridge
He is the master of all he surveys
At the low col before climbing up to Highwood Peak
The Valley between Highwood and Grizzly Ridges
Highwood Peak
back to Grizzly Peak
The whole traverse
Down the road north
Ptarmigan Circ
Down Highwood Ridge
leaving the trail for the short cut adventure
Going down the dry water course
Looking back up to Highwood where we came down from
Me on a rock
Bills legs goin up
One of the many high points to go over