Great day hike in Canmore, Alberta

Horseshoe Loop is located in Canmore, Alberta. Due to the Cougar Creek flooding, the Lady Macdonald Trailhead Parking lot is washed away. The trailhead can be access from Highway 1A. The trailhead is clearly marked with an provincial sign and map. You should allow 1 to 2 hours to complete the hike.  The total distance of the hike  is 9.1 kilometers. The trail begins with a gravel path that leads into the forest.

Once in the forest you will come across another provincial sign and map. You have two options here, you can hike straight ahead and complete the hike backwards, but I perfer to do the hike the correct way. The other way is a route that will lead you up a hill that bends into another trail, take this trail and you will find yourself on the correct path.  Continue climbing uphill and the trail begins to pan out to a straight path which takes you along the trail. After a while, you will come across some man made bridges which are used for people who take their bikes up into Horseshoe Loop.

Mount Grotto

Mount Grotto during the winter time

Cross these bridges and the trail will come to an intersection where you will find two different trails that lead to seperate trails.  There is also another provincial sign and map to help decide which trail to take. You should take the trail to your right which will lead through more forest. Once you have come out of the forest, you will find spectacular views of the Three Sisters Mountain Range and Ha Ling Peak. You will also see an excellent vista of the Town Of Canmore from your viewpoint.

Horseshoe Loop

Looking Across From Mt. Grotto

Continue walking along the trail until you can see Cougar creek in your sight. Keep following the trail until you have descent down to Cougar Creek. You should be able to see houses which are located on Cougar Creek. Once you have come across the provincial sign and map, you should find yourself on the east side of the creek again.