Redoubt Lake Circuit

Looking at the Golden Larches in the Redoubt Lake Valley

September 24th 2021

One of the most stunning Larch hikes I have ever been on. We started from Fish Creek Parking off the Lake Louise Ski road. As this is a boring and tedious road of approx 4 km two of us brought our bikes. It proved to be no faster going up than walking as we pushed most of the way. But that was OK it was the end of the day downhill that we saved time and energy. At the large sign near Temple Lodge we stashed out bikes. The walk to the turn off to Wolverine valley is about 0.75 km just before a plank crossing a creek. We were soon in the larch and headed for the Col of Purple Mound and Unity Peak. From the Col head left down and across to the Col on the other side of Unity Peak which looks into Redoubt Lake Valley. Make sure to stay above a small rock band on the traverse. Head down hill into the Valley and stay left and climb out of valley to the plateau that the lake is on. Follow the lake out to Ptarmigan Lake and join the Skoki Trail at Boulder Pass for the return trip back to Temple Lodge and this time a bike ride down.

The plank creek crossing turn right just before this to Wolverine Valley
Wolverine Valley
Looking back down Wolverine
First step out of Wolverine
Admiring the view
heading towards the Col Purple Mound is rt low point is Col
Part of Mt Redoubt which I have summited
Arriving at the Col
Purple rock of Purple Mound
Purple Mound and Unity peak. The route down and around to the left
On the first Col Lipalian Ridge behind

leaving the first Col
Far middle right is the route
Dead center is the rock band stay above and head for the Col
Wow this is the view from the Col into Redoubt Lake Valley
The lower center is the Col to head for
Walked down this creek and climbed out before the side became steep
Same Creek
Looking back at the Col and Unity Peak
Staying on the left of the Valley under Mt Redoubt
Passing a beautiful waterfall
Now on the lake plateau
I took a picture here of Redoubt lake
First view of Lake
Flat walking that’s always good
A view of the way up to the plateau
Redoubt lake
Gives the size of Redoubt Lake
Waterfall out of lake
Redoubt Lake from Summit of Mt Redoubt
Redoubt Lake and Mt Redoubt
First view of Ptarmigan Lake Ptarmigan Mt behind
Ptarmigan Lake showing trail from Boulder Pass to Deception Pass From Summit of Mt Redoubt
Ptarmigan lake
Ptarmigan lake
Ptarmigan lake from Boulder Pass. Mt St Bride snow capped 3300m Rt Mt Douglas Lft
Boulder Pass looking into Corral Creek Valley and back to Temple Lodge