Lake Louise Opens Top of the World and Summit Platter Nov 12

Top of the World lift open Nov 12th

November 12th 2019

Now the season is really on at Lake Louise. On the November 12th both the Top of the World and the Summit Platter opened. This Friday will see the Paradise Chair open. There was lots of fresh powder off the Summit Platter only problem was you could not see it for the low cloud. Powder was a bit heavy. I think there was a layer of rain crust below the surface. At about 11 am the Grizzly Gully opened and some nice snow to be had in there.  The Grizzly Express Gondola is running  and only route down is through Deer Run to Wiwaxy. Good day at the lake spoilt by poor visibility.

Going up over Grizzly Gully

Only run open Home Run

Off Piste above Home Run

A Cloudy Top of the World discharge

Going up the Summit Platter. Today marked Expert Only. Very uneven.

Above the steep pitch the visibility was very poor

Coming down Grizzly Gully which just opened mid morning

Greg and Gary looking at Wrong Turn

The Gondola is running with a run down Deer Run to join Wiwaxy