Rummel Lake

Rummel Lake is a 10 kilometer snowshoe trail located in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.  The trail head starts across from the Mount Shark Road which leads to Shark Lake. The trail is well worn and 350 meters of elevation is gradually gained as you snowshoe along the trail.  The views are spectacular and breath taking. The trail starts by gradually taking you up a steep hill which later flattens out to a more suitable elevation.

Spray Valley Provincial Park

An View Of Spray Valley Provincial Park

When you have finally made it up the steep hill from the trail head you notice that you enter a forest covered trail that takes you along until you find yourself approaching a vista of The Spray Valley Provincial Park. This is an excellent spot to stop for lunch and take in the magnificent views of the Spray Valley Provincial Park.  Once we finished our lunch we continued snowshoeing up the trail going back into the forest. Once we had come out of the forest again, we found ourselves crossing a creek that took us to the other side of the trail.

Rummel Lake

Rummel Lake

Once you have crossed the creek, you will immediately notice yellow diamond shaped signs that throughout the rest of the trail. The trail continues to gradually climb which eventually will guide you towards Rummel Lake. You will know when you have reached the lake as the trail finishes here. The vista’s at Rummel Lake are excellent.

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