Mt Kent via Kent Ridge

It looks a long way along the ridge to Mt kent

July 19th 2020

Although I have been on Kent Ridge before it was in October with snow and cold temperatures. I wanted to return and see if it was possible to reach Mt Kent summit. Yes it is and not that hard. Mt Kent is not in fact the highest point of the ridge. That can be found at the north end 2925 m and is just known as North Kent.

  1. Start at Blackshale Creek. This is where the High Rockies Trail suspension Bridge
  2. From the left or north side of the bridge follow trail into the woods.
  3. Trail comes and goes so keep your self the Blackshale valley side.
  4. Trail pops out above tree line right on the edge of the valley
  5. Steepish climb to the first high point. It can be by passed.
  6. Go to the high point and go and descend right to the low point
  7. Ascend up though trees and open meadow areas to the next high point.
  8. Now carry on as far as the eye can see to Mt Kent.
  9. After the high point with cairn on Kent Ridge descend
  10. Now there are some scrambley bits but cairns and worn trail help.
  11. return the same way.
  12. It would be possible to return down the direct route if you have a car place
Looking back at the first Peak and route
Approaching the the second hill
Big snow year this is a deep ditch.See photo in Kent Ridge
A high point on kent Ridge
Coming up to the high point on Kent Ridge
Nice Ridge walking Spray lakes in background
The high point on the Kent Ridge.It is a down climb to continue to Mt Kent
Rock outpost along the way to Mt Kent
Some easy going to Mt Kent
Looking back down the ridge
Gus at the summit of Mt Kent
From the summit into Black Prince
Lawson Ridge lfr and the continuation of Kent Ridge to the north. Mt Inflexible centre to it’s left Kent North