Mount Roberta

Gap Mountain Kananaskis Elpoca Right

August 14th 2020

Mt Roberta is a small mountain that is seen driving up Hwy 40 after leaving the turn to kananaskis Lakes.

  1. The trailhead is an old fireroad to the Fire lookout 9Km from the turn to Hwy742 Kananaskis Lakes. There is a paved pullout at the gate.
  2. Walk down the road for about 1 km at a earth cut out, left, find a faint trail
  3. Now the bush whacking starts.If you get lucky or follow my GPS you will find faint trails
  4. Heading towards the gouged creek
  5. Follow up
  6. The summit is on the east, left when out of the trees
  7. Return the same way
At the pull of for Mt Roberta better know for getting to the Kananaskis Fire Look Out. Mt Roberta behind
Leaving the fire road to start up after 1 km
This is typical of the trail up through the woods from the fire road
Treed mound center is the Fire Lookout.This is the gouged creek
Heading for the summit left
Summit just ahead Gus
Lead party on the summit Mt Roberta
Pocaterra Ridge
Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes
Looking at the cars and down Hwy 40
Coming off the summit