Arnica & Twin Lakes


Arnica Lake

Arnica Lake


Arnica Lake & Twin Lakes trail starts just past Storm Mountain lodge on Hwy 93 on the east side of the road.The view from the pull over is of Vista Lake and it is a 170 m drop to get down to the lake. The trail is well-built and the incline is not to severe. From Vista Lake it is an uphill hike up to Arnica lake.IMG_0645

The lake is reached in about 2 hrs. The walk up to the Col to look down on the Twin Lakes and Arnica is another 1/2 hr.


At the Col climb up through the trees to view both lakes. Unless you intend to go to Gibbon Pass it does not appear to be worth the hike down and back to see a lake you can view from above.

Time round trip 4.5 hrs    Distance 10 km  Elevation gain 900 m

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