Mount Indefatigable

Upper Lake and reflection

October 22 2018

Mt indefatigable is one of Kananaskis most scenic hikes. You don’t have to go to the summit just up the ridge shown in the photo below to get spectacular views. Drive south on Hwy 40 to the turn to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. Follow the road as far as it goes to the Inter lakes Day Use. Walk across the dam. Then look for the trail with large bear warning sign on the right. Follow the trail through the trees to the rocky ridge where the views of Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lake come into view. I notice on the map is a view-point called Wendy Elekes Viewpoint. This may be as far as you want to go but the more determined can hike on for the North Col and summit or just go to the South summit. The more daring can walk along the ridge in either direction. As we were unsure of getting to the summit due to the snow we opted to go to the North Col where the views are better. The south summit is the first turn off to the left after the open ridge into the trees. We plodded on up the ever increasing snow to the North Col then set off to the North summit. 80 m from which we decided it a bit dangerous to carry on. On the way down we went along the ridge to the East Peak and descended from there back to the trail up. A wonderful sunny day with amazing views.


Mt Indefatigable showing the open rocky ridge to the view point

Upper Kananaskis Mount Sarrail  behind

Trailhead and bear warning sign

Heading to the north col

North summit left and East Peak. Col in between

East Peak ahead

South to North Ridge. Col ahead.

Heading towards the Col

Noel following the foot prints

North Summit

Looking back at the route up there is a frozen lake down there

Indefatigable Ridge

Col below Mt Indefatigable North Peak


Distance return 10.0 km Time return 6 hrs ( inc 30 min lunch ) Elevation Accumulated gain 930 m Elevation to Summit 870m Summit height 2588 m

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