Chester Lake

On The Trail

Heading off to Chester Lake

Chester Lake is an 3.8 kilometer snowshoe trail with an total elevation gain of 330 meters. The trail should take you around an two and half hours. The trailhead begins at the official information board. The trail is for snowshoeing only.  There is an official map at the beginning of the trail to show you the way to Chester Lake.  Once you have established from the map which route you are going to take, you can proceed snowshoeing down the trail.

After an 100 meters of snowshoeing, you should come to an junction point on the trail. The first trail is the Sawmill Trail turn off  on your left. The second turn off is the Chester Lake snowshoe trail on your right which is marked clearly by snowshoeing signs.

Out Of The Trees

Coming out of the trees and heading into the meadow

The trail to Chester Lake is an well worn path that leads you through the trees to start with. The trail is well marked throughout the trees, with official snowshoe signs that show you the correct way.The path begins an steep climb which provides you with an lot of elevation gain.We found going up the path that we had to dig our snowshoes into the snow in order to maintain balance.

Once you have made it past the steep elevation climb, the trail pops out of the trees and you are greeted with an open meadow which gives vista’s of Mount Chester. You will find yourself continuing your snowshoe through the meadow until you can see Chester Lake. We decided to have lunch at the lake and head back as we knew that it would be an difficult descent to get back down to the parking lot.


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