Opal North Peak

The majestic North Opal Peak

August 17th 2022 Opal North is located just south of the Kananaskis gas station on Rocky Creek.

Park on the west side of Hwy 40. Walk up the creek looking for a path through the trees marked with ribbon. This starts off steeply but relents further up .Follow worn trail through trees up the back bone of the ridge. Trees start to thin and rock is now under foot. Scree is well worn and leads to a head wall on the left. Small scramble bring you around this wall continue up to the Col. Views of the Mackay Hills and the backside of the Wedge. Crux is now on the right and is easy to negotiated. This brings you up to an extensive plateau.

Turn around or explore further. We went to the far pointy summit. I have heard but cannot confirm that you could walk through to Opal South. Today we returned the same way.

Walking up Rocky Creek looking for the trail on the right
Hey some yellow ribbon that’s the way
T ime for a rest a a look at the view
Dang that’s a long way off to the summit
The summit and the route is hidden
This is where the fun really starts on the well beaten path
A more obvious trail
Wall and little scramble bit
Good view back with treed ridge left
looking down the ridge. From beside the wall
Another look at ridge up
The crux from the col is the small wall ahead but turns into almost steps
Back side of the Wedge and the Mackay Hills. From the Col

Above the crux. We would walk to the high point in distance
At one of the many summits
Nice walking across to the pointy peak
Fortress Ski Area
View down Hwy 40 and the Kananaskis river
Coming down the crux
Well that was not bad at all

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