Mount Bogart

Closer shot of Assiniboine, Aye & Eon

Aug 2 cnd 2019

See above link for description of Sparrowhawk Tarns. Walk to the upper end of Sparrowhawk Tarns. Then pick the best line up as the arrow shows below. This is the nasty, messy tiresome part of the scramble. It is all loose rock scree. Once at the Col the route up can be seen. Climb up the Sub peak and then down climb ( small cairn ) to come out at small Col 2 . Go up the slabs stay to the left to get around the rock wall. There is a worn trail through the rubble. Not much to say after that but plod up to the summit. It’s a long way and tiring. Great views of all the major peaks in the area. Return the same way.

My best view of Mt Bogart from Mt Allan Centennial Ridge


Arrow show approx route to Col from upper Sparrowhark Tarns

Angle up on bad scree from right to left

Ron .S groverling up chock block moving scree

Exit to Col from scree slope

-From-the-Col.-Go-up-on-the-left-and-down climb-Then on-up-to-the-summit

The point of the sub peak where you climb down. Small cairn marks the spot.

A bit of crux. The down climb from the sub peak looking back.

Back at the down climb going back up

After another small Col continue to slabs and stay left. Until under the cliff

Arrow around the cliff band. If you have the expertise climb this it would make the going easier than scrambling around.

Steep slab to the cliff band

Summit view of Ribbon lake

Red Peak ,Red Ridge,Buller, Spray Lakes, Nester and center distant is Assiniboine Aye and Eon 30 km away

Bogart Tower and Memorial lakes

Going back down. Still have to go up the Sub peak

Rock window missed this on the way up


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