The Onion & Iceberg Lake


July 30th 2020

This blog is more about going to Iceberg lake as I have a blog on The Onion which can be read on this link

To get from The ACC hut to Iceberg Lake stay on the upside of the creek that flows down to join the creek from Bow Falls. Follow creek on the upside left about 200m from creek. Walk until a green meadow comes into view and head up through. This will bring you out at the lake. Find the best route down the moraine and walk along the shore of the lake to the head of the waterfall. At the waterfall or just before head up rocks to find the trail down a long narrow moraine. At the bottom or again just before look for a trail on the right heading into the trees.This trail will bring you to the creek which you have to cross. Afternoons when the run off is high you may like us get you feet we.If you just want to go to Iceberg lake follow in reverse the description to the waterfall.

I rate this hike very high as one of the most scenic areas to hike in. It has it all grand snow topped peaks,beautiful lakes,glaciers and waterfalls

Past the ACC hut going up the rocky side of the Wapta Glacier
St Nicholas
The two Ron’s above the ACC Hut
Wapta Icefield. Pond melt
From the summit to Bow Lake and Num-Ti – Jah Lodge
950 Rhondda
Iceberg Lake below the Onion Huge cornice
Walking up the meadow to Iceberg Lake
Next to the meadow a red rock canyon
Iceberg Lake
The Wapta Icefield run off into the lake
Waterfall flow into Iceberg Lake
At the top of Bow Falls
From the lake coming down the moraine
Trail around rock head wall
Chock block on return
We eventually crossed here. Got feet a little wet