South Lusk Meadows



Moose teeth

September 11th 2017

South Lusk Meadows is another Daffern Book hike from Volume 2 PG 244. It was a very pleasant hike and offered more than  expected with great views and a beautiful meadow. The hunters camp turned out to be a Trail Riders camp and on the way back we had a very nice chat with the cowboy who’s camp it was. As it turned out he saw very few, if any people all summer and was just packing up and leaving that same day.

  • The trail for South Lusk Meadows starts from the Powderface road 10.5 from the turn off from Hwy 68.on the right is a pull off.
  • Walk back 100m to the trail head. The trailhead across the road goes up to Cox Hill or Jumping Pound Mountain.
  • Follow the Lusk Creek Trail for about 650 m and turn left at the cairn ( see Picture ).
  • Continue on for about 800 m then cross a small muddy creek.
  • The next point of interest is the Trail Camp at about 500 m. on the left. This area is very swampy although the camp is on high dry ground.
  • The trail disappears across the swamp but your destination is the opposite bank from the camp.
  • Through the wet piece the trail carry’s on up the lower bank going left.
  • Back on the trail cross the creek twice and then up onto a ridge.
  • After the ridge enter an old cut line.
  • At the end of the cut line on the right is a grassy clearing with a trail going up to the meadow.
  • The trail comes out onto views of the South Lusk Meadows and Boundary Ridge.
  • The high point is on the right.
  • Go down to the col and up onto Boundary Ridge for views into Porcupine Ridge accessed from Kananaskis Hwy 40.
  • We returned the same way

Trail Head South Lusk Meadows

Left turn off Lusk Trail

Left across the creek to the ridge

Cowboy Trail Riders Camp. * Note the old surveyors box’s *

Up to the Meadows from the old cut line

Lusk Meadows South with col and Boundary Ridge. This is from the high point to the right of the trail up the meadows.

Lusk Meadows . Baldy Mountain Rt and Midnight Peak Lft center


The group on Lusk Meadows trail



Distance return 12 km Time return 6 hrs ( inc 30 min lunch ) Elevation Accumulated gain 750 m Elevation to Summit 642 m Summit height 2204 m

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