Noseeum Hike to Molar Pass Loop

Aug 24th 2022 Although I have been up Noseeum Mountain and also explored around the Lake and Plateau I have not made a loop of this hike by coming out at Mosquito Creek. This is the usual start for Molar Pass North and South. Car shuttle required although it is only about 1 km.

So we started at the Noseeum Creek pull off and walked up the creek. Picture shows what I called the crux to start to go up passed the waterfall to the Plateau. Then go to the south and east to look over into the Molar Pass area. The way down needs a bit of navigating and there is no trail. there are a few spots that need to be scrambled down. There is also a very steep scree shoot down. I believe this can be by passed by going around to the south. Then it is a nice hike up to the South Molar Pass. I did not enjoy the walk back out to Mosquito Creek as I have done it many times and it ended up been 19 km for the loop.

My advise would be to not bother doing the loop but the beauty of Noseeum is well worth the hike but return the same way.

The crux to start the assent to the plateau
Waterfall cascades down from Noseeum Lake
At Noseeum Lake
Late alpine flowers at Noseeum Lake
Stratified rocks my artistic photo
Very late snow on the Plateau
Coming down from the Plateau
0 landscape from retreating glaciers. Andromache behind
Andromache and moon like landscape
Heading left for Molar Pass
One of the Molars I guess
We came down this scree a bit of a short cut to walking way around
Molar Pass in distance center
Looks like a roman ruin but no I have no name
Nice alpine lake on the way to Molar Pass
Flowers by lake
Nice lake no name below Noseeum Mt
Looking into Molar area with Molar Mt