Tryst Ridge Snowshoeing

December Monday 28th 2020

Start this winter trail 2.2km south of Engadine lodge turn. There were about 50 cars parked along the road this day. Cross the Meadow and follow tracks. Left tracks will lead to Smut Commonwealth area. We lost the tracks for a bit but head for the ridge toward The Fist. There is an over grown road that runs left to right deep in the trees. Follow going north. soon the track widens as more skiers come in from the Engadine area. The tracks now switch back up the ridge. Eventually coming out with views of Tryst Lake and Tent Ridge. Lot’s of skiers at the top going down the shoots or gully’s. Carry on toward the Fist. Before the open area plunge down towards Smut Creek. The snow was hard at the top but in the trees it was easy to sink in tree wells up to your waist