EEOR to Peak # 5

Bill summit EEOR

August 20th 2020

Getting to the top of EEOR is a yearly right of passage.This was my second time this year. This time was a bit more of an adventure as we planned to go along the Rundle Range Ridge to Peak #4.We only got to Peak #5 as time ran out. There is only one tricky bit to negotiate and that is getting around a cliff band to reach the top of Peak# 7. We tried and succeeded on the right going but came back the easier way on the left looking north. One other point to note is on the way back after getting around Peak# 7 DO NOT follow the trail that goes low to your right it cliffs out and then it is back up to the top of the ridge. A good ridge walk that takes more time than you would think.Enjoyable day.

Arriving at Summit of EEOR
Leaving EEOR ( Peak # 8 ) to peak # 7
At peak # 7
Looking forward along the Ridge Peak #3 far distance
Looking back to People on the summit of EEOR #8
On Peak# 7
Moving on to Peak #6
Peak #6
Looking back to Peak # 7
One of the buttresses you see from the Hwy
On Peak #5 having a late lunch
On Peak # 5 looking at Peak# 4 and Peak #3
A long way back