Pipestone Cross Country Skiing 2018

On Hector run #21

December 27th 2018

Pipestone only open for the season on the 26th December and is in good condition. It will need more snow after the holiday traffic wears the low snow base down. On Thursday ten Meanderthalls skied loop #20 The Pipestone in a counter clockwise direction. We took a small detour to see Mud lake #22, which gave good views of Quadra and Temple. We had a stop at the top end of the loop for lunch at the Pipestone River, where you can see Lake Louise Ski Hill. Shortly after that you are at the top of the loop and returning to the trailhead. Loop #20 is a blue run but to miss a couple of short down hill sections you can take the green Merlin trail. The group split but the blue downhill was in nice snow ploughing condition. Then after Pipestone Lake I took the green Hector run out to see the barn or stable near the parking lot. A great run out between Christmas and New Year. 13.5 km includes Mud lake side trip.



Map Sign

Early into the Pipestone Loop

3475 At the junction of Pipestone & Pipestone

At Mud Lake 0.4 km from Pipestone. In View L to R Quadra Temple Saddleback and Fairview

Nice snow cone

First view of Lake Louise Ski Hill down the Pipestone River

Getting ready to leave our lunch spot at the Pipestone River

Coming back now in counter clockwise direction

Pipestone Pond

Pipestone Pond

Lake Louise Ski Hill with Mt Whitehorn and Outer limits run in view

Old barn or stable at the end of Hector

Looking back at the barn or stable

Pipestone parking only second day open and it was nearly full

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