Bald Eagle Mountain ( Squaws Body part )

Bill on top of the world

August 27th 2021

Bald Eagle has just been officially names this past week from Squaws Tit so a good time to climb said Peak. I was up on this one about 15 years ago but no documentation. In the proceeding years a nice trail has appeared from the Montane Traverse. We started from Silver Tip Golf Course to save elevation from the valley floor. So after about 2.8 to 3.0 Km a nice trail is found. It is a little before the Gaia GPS trail. Once starting up it is a relentless climb through trees and scree. we followed the trail to two large cairns. At this point it looks like a choice of scrambling or going around. We tried the going around and I think a direct approach would be the best option. There is one big rock chunk where you can see a trail to the right this works fine. Don’t miss it on the way down. The block before the summit is a steep scramble I will get back to that. Once over this you have a choice scramble up the rock slab ramp or go left down and around. If dry the ramp is fine, lots of hand holds against the rock wall for comfort. Way shorter as well. Then an easy scree trail to the two summits. On our return we were concerned about down climbing the steep up scramble we had done so choose to go left down into the watershed. Not recommended. Stay on ridge and scramble down.

Altogether a great day out no long drive needed a chance for a beer on the patio at the Golf Course after.

Nice defined trail up from the Montane Traverse Trail
At this slab make sure to go the way of the arrow
Opens up after tree line trail still well defined trail
View across to Princes Margaret
Trail never relents up and up
First view of the Bald Eagle. Need to stay on the ridge
Basically stay on the rocky ridge . On spot allow a walk right
We tried to walk around some of the scramble bits but would have been better scrambling
Back scrambling
Some nice hands on stuff. No exposure
Scramble on
Arrow shows steep slab to summit or go down and around on scree
After slab trail to summit
Summit and Rundle Range
Charles Stewart Note long scree run down off ridge
Fore ground Princes Margaret. Mt Girouard and Cascade
Gus on Top
Gus giving the thumbs up