Crowfoot Glades Snow Shoe

Bill on top of a rock

April 1st 2021

Crowfoot Glades can be seen from Hwy 93 north. to the left of the Crowfoot Glacier. Pull of the side of the road or park at the Bow Lake view area. ( GPS track is from road side ) Drop down to the frozen lake and walk across to a well sighted clearing. Most likely, just follow ski tracks. In the trees head to the left up the treed gully. Continue to open area and a large rock in view. Continue as far as the pass if you want. We got wind blown away and once at a point that we could see the Bow Pass or Crowfoot Pass we headed down for the treed ridge. Followed tree ridge to intersection of gully. Great soft snow and wonderful views of Crystal Ridge, Bow Lake and the Dolomites. At the bottom of the ridge and at a cross track going up to the gully we headed towards large rocks. Similar to the Elephant Rocks of Chester Lake. Had some fun in there then through the trees back to the lake and out back to the highway.

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