Middle Sister via the Orphan

Looking down the Rundle range

August 27th 2020

Last time I was at the top of the Orphan someone pointed out that it was quicker, shorter and easier to get up the Middle Sister from this direction.As I had not been up the Sister in many years thought it sounded like a good idea. One year later we gave it a try. See link to Orphan. https://willski.ca/the-orphan/ So from the col below the Orphan drop down about 330m into the cirque of the Middle and Big Sister. Then cut across rubble to find worn trail up to the Middle Sister. Return could be back the conventional way or back the same way. The nasty part of this is climbing back up to the Orphan another 330 m nasty. I found this way interesting but not any easier. The climb to the Orphan is no cake walk and getting back up the 330 m is a killer. So no I will not be taking anyone this way again. Nice to do once.End of story. Funny story the summit registry at the Orphan had a small bottle of sour whiskey and at the summit of the Middle siter it had a condom!!!

Leaving the Orphan col.Big Sister behind
Heading across from the col.There is a worn trail .See specks middle Group got ahead of me
View looking back to the down climb from the Orphan.Arrow shows route
Middle Sister peak in sight
Ergonay Nakaoda Ridge and Three Sisters Pass
Big Sister
Looking over Little Sister
The group on the summit.
Summit shot Ron & Ruriko
Bow valley with Canmore
Goat,Nester and Robertson Glacier
Someone is looking for something
Shows the track across and up to the Orphan Col