Mt Allan Centennial Ridge Traverse

The Claw in the Mushroom garden


September 4th 2019

I had heard bad things about this trip so was pleasantly surprised when I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. To do this traverse you do need two cars or be dropped off at Ribbon Creek. We started at Ribbon Creek I guess you could do it in reverse and start at the parking near Alpine Haven Resort at Dead Mans Flats. This is the same start for Wind Ridge. The trail from Ribbon Creek starts up the Skogan Pass trail but soon turns left onto the Centennial Trail. Built by the Rocky Mountain Ramblers Club to celebrate Canada’s Centennial in 1967. The pictures below show most of the early intersections. Picture #4 shows the last turn off the old road mining, logging system.Shortly after in Picture #5 you are in the open. The grade is unrelenting until after the false summit. A small steep bit though the trees before the false summit. Then it is a nice ridge walk that takes you through the Rock Mushroom Garden. Then a final grunt up to the summit. The long ridge down is easy to follow lots of cairns and markers. Two areas of interest along here are the rock band which from afar looks formidable but is not .Then in Picture #6 watch for a marker to take you right and down a small down climb and the around the edge of the ridge. As a Hiking trail some people may find this difficult with some exposure. As you look down the ridge the, see the green grassy area. I did not see a marker at the end of the grassy area where the right turn is into the trees. Once in the trees there are markers. This part of the trail runs back on it’s self to get down to the meadow. Easy worn trail with plenty of markers leads through the meadow at the foot of the hanging valley. Then angles left into the trees. Lot’s of  shouts of HEY BEAR in this part right through to the end. After some time the winding narrow trail turns into an old road and follows out into the Wind Ridge trail to exit to the parking great views and a nice sunny day made this a very nice outing.


Setting off up Skogan trail from Ribbon Creek


Skogan to the right Mt Allan & Centennial Trail left


Good signs for a change


This is the last turn off the roads towards Mt Allan Centennial Trail.             Picture # 4


Coming out of the trees and the long grunt starts.          Picture #5


False summit far center


Closing in in the false summit. A small tricky bit in the trees just before the top of the false summit


Nakiska Ski Area


The true summit ahead of Mt Allan. A nice ridge walk now with the Rock garden ahead.


Still a long way to go


On the right Mt Sparrowhawk and Lft Mt Bogart both in cloud


Interesting balancing rock


More Mushroom Garden


The Ridge down to Dead Mans Flats


The four Lougheed Peaks


Under Mt Bogart is Memorial Lakes. Next to Ribbon Peak Lft is mini Bogart Tower


The ridge up with Kananaskis Valley behind


I have seen these called Jubilee Tarns and Queen Tarns. In the hanging valley between Allen Ridge and Collembola


The long ridge down. See the rock band to scramble through


This is the rock band. Easy here.


Lots of cairns on Centennial Ridge Trail


The large Rock center edge right is a down climb


Coming down the down climb


The ridge ends at the tip of the clear grass area .Look for a Right turn.No marker.DO NOT go over the tip of the ridge


After the down climb trail clings to the edge of the rock. This could be tricky with snow


Trail can be seen lower Rt Goes through the meadow and left into the dense trees.


From the Ridge the trail comes through the trees. There was no marker to show this turn off the ridge but it is a well worn trail with markers on the trees


The trail becomes and old road from being a single track


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