Commonwealth Peak

Climbed up through here .Col and Mt Burstall behind

September 4th 2021

This Peak is found from Burstall Pass Trail off Hwy 742 Smith Dorian Trail. Walk or bike the 4 km to the Burstall Flats. Bear slightly right and head for the avalanche slope across the flats. We did not need water shoes in early Sept. It was a pleasant surprise to find two logs across the creek. Now set off through the avalanche debris. Through this area it steepens after the bushes head for the large erratic rock. The best way up was right in the center of the crease of grey and orange rock. Note on your left the scree run down. At the Col admire the view for the worse is yet to come. Three sections left. First section stay left and scramble up along rock wall. Cut across and around the corner section two. Stay left again this is the worst part. Section three from small col platform scramble to summit ridge. Lunch time and views.

Commonwealth Pigs Tail and Birdwood from Mud Lake
Burstall Creek
Avalanche has taken out all the trees. Open route to Col
Avalanche placed trees for crossing creek
Trees are mostly pushed to the side
Roberson Glacier
Simon arriving at the Col. Note Orange and Grey scree. On the right is the scree run down
Cornice at top of Commonwaalth Col
Looking down at the Col. We hung onto the wall. Rubble moving under footing
Heading to the top right above Simons shoulder
On the short ridge to the summit
Simon on Summit
Down ridge from summit. Robertson and French Glacier
Looking into Chester Lake. Mt Chester Mt Galatea Fortress behind
Shortened view of Chester Lake
Climbed up through here .Col and Mt Birstall behind
A view to the west
Spray Lakes in distant
On the way back crossing the creek
Total Km 13.5 Time 7.5hr