Porcupine Creek to Midnight Ridge

Looking back into Porcupine Creek and the way up

1 Start at the trailhead for Porcupine Creek.

2 Walk to the Y in the creek turn left. Do not go up the trail to the Ridge

3 Walk along creek until finding a suitable way up to Midnight Ridge.

4 No trail so work your way up

5 Heading for the route down from Midnight Peak see blog on Midnight Peak https://willski.ca/midnight-peak/

6 Again there is no set trail down so try and keep to the high ridge

7 Lower down a trail appears and comes out on the route down from Baldy Pass

8 After leaving the rubble of the creek look for a trail or old road to go back to Porcupine Creek.

Looking at the objective of the day from Porcupine Creek
Looking back into Porcupine Creek and the way up

Some nice rock to come through
Just a bit further to join the trail down from the summit of Midnight Peak
Views of Midnight Peak and Mid day Peak
The top of Midnight Ridge Peak
View down to Porcupine Creek and the route up
near the top of Midnight Ridge
Bill on one of the highpoints
Found a couple of toads on the walk back along the old road