Rawson Lake South Ridge

Hazy reflection at Rawson Lake

Rawson lake is a popular day hike from Upper Kananaskis Lake. This South Ridges adds to the excitement and adds a difference. Unfortunately we took the wrong way up but my pictures show the best route and the wrong route. I was surprised at the amount of flowers on the ridge which added to the enjoyment. An animal / human trail goes along the Ridge. As you drop down keep to the ridge close left side as you want to come out onto the Rawson Trail behind the washrooms. We walked a long a wide grassy treed ledge dropping down to lake level. Then bush whacked to the washroom and trail, going back down the main trail.

Water Fall along Upper Kananaskis Lake
The col we would be going up to South Ridge
Log building it’s own micro system
Log and tree on lake
Plenty of wild flowers as we head for the col
We should have been above this cliff fir an easier access
Looking down on Rawson Lake
Same bad gully
Top of wrong gully
View under Mt Sarrail in it’s cirque from col
Climbing to south top of col
Col to Rawson Lake
Behind Lee is the ridge route
Right way and wrong way
Head up grassy slope to the eye
Lee poses on outcrop
Lot’s of wild flowers
More flowers
The easy way up
Yoga pose
Yoga pose
Nice rock slb
Summit of South Ridge