Taylor Lake


Taylor Lake autumn larches

Sept 26th Thursday

Taylor Lake is known as a good alternative to Moraine Lake for Larch sightseeing. The crowds are none existent,but a good clear sunny day is needed, which we did not get. The trail head is between Lake Louise and Hwy 93 turn off on the west side of the Hwy.

The 6 kms up through the trees is of no interest at all. There is a small creek and a couple of bridges to break the monotony.The skies looked like the sun make break through in the afternoon but it was to be another grey day.


Trail head Info

O’Brian Lake trail turn off is just before Taylor Lake and a small wooden bridge crosses the outlet creek. We did not go this time due to a late start and poor weather.


Turn off sign to O’Brian Lake

A walk around the lake and over the Col brings you to Panorama Meadows. All left for another day.


Lake view from the camp site.

Total distance 13.0 Km          Total Elevation 585 m          Time 4.5 hrs


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