Lake Louise Nov 14th 2019

Sunlight on the valley Cloud looking into Lake Louise

November 14th 2019

Thursday turned ou to be a great day. A bed of cloud in the valley made conditions look poor on arrival. Half way up the lift the skys cleared cleared, way better than Tuesday. Here are some pictures from the Summit Platter and views of the valley. The sking is good at Lake Louise . It is not often we choose to ski at The lake ahead of Sunshine at this time of year but this year is an exception. Sunshine only had Strawberry and Wolverine as of Thursday. Saturday they opened Angel. On Friday and  Saturday Lake Louise opened Paradise and Ptarmigan Chairs. Way more exciting terrain. Also the run down from the Grizzzly Express Gondola is in good condition .I think the run is  called Lower Grouse is open. We will be back.


Top of the Platter out of the cloud

A bed of cloud covers the valley

Looking up to the Summit Platter and Headwall and Charlies Choice

The valley cloud from Outer Limits

Already big moguls going down Outer Limits. The snow is good

Bottom of Outer Limits

Looking back up Outer Limits

Greg and Gary below Headwall

Taking a breather