Hogarth Lakes Loop

Hogarth Lakes is an 4 kilometer loop with some elevation gain at the Burstall Pass Day Use Area located in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. The trail is specifically designed for snowshoeing only. The trail head begins at the east side of the parking lot where an official sign shows the loop for the trail.

Hogarth Lake Loop

Hogarth Lake Loop – Coming Out Of The Trees

Once on the trail head, You will come across an official sign on the trail, which gives you the option of choosing which way to complete the loop. We choose to begin the loop from the right side of the trail. The path is well worn with snowshoers and orange and yellow snowshoeing signs show you that you are heading in the right direction. There is an wonderful vista of Mount Commonwealth before you enter the forest of trees.  The trail sudenly turns into forest covered blanket of trees.

You will notice throughout the trail that everybody seems to take their own route to complete the loop. Eventually you will come out of the forest of trees and find yourself snowshoeing along Hogarth Lake. This route continues for an while, until you come to another snowshoeing sign which indicates you are going the correct way.  Once you have gone around the lake, the trail leads you back into the forest of covered trees.

Hogarth Lakes

Hogarth Lakes Loop – Coming out of the trees

You will find yourself snowshoeing under the cover of forest for a while, until you come out of the forest and see an vista of snow covered mountains and the trail ahead. Continue following the trail which leads you past an large snow hill. Once you are past the hill, you are on the home stretch of the trail. You will go past the hiking sign which is an seperate trail for Burstall Pass.

After you have passed the hiking sign you should be able to see the trailhead where you started from, continue snowshoeing until you come across the official trail sign and can see the parking lot.

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