Fullerton,Bobcat,Strange Brew,Sugar Daddy and Elbow

First Bridge

Fullerton Bobcat is in Elbow River Provincial Park. Not far passed the Kananaskis sign is the parking for Fullerton. A nice day hiking and biking area for families. We did Fullerton to Bobcat then to Strange Brew down Sugar Daddy and back along Elbow. After spotting a small black bear in the valley below us we came to the junction of Fullerton and Bobcat. Bobcat goes up to Strange Brew and the down Sugar Daddy to Elbow and back to the car. Nice trails with views of Banded Peak

11km 350m elevation gain about 3.5 hrs

left is the Steeper Trail up Fullerton route
Typical of the trails
Black Bear
View of the higher peaks included Banded Peak
Trail Signs
Down Sugar Daddy
The route