Dolomite Pass to Mosquito Creek

Cirque Peak from the Helen lake Trail

August 22 2019

Just to get this straight the official trail called Dolomite Pass goes north from Katherine Lake and is a backpack route to Isabella Lake Warden Cabin 14km. This adventure goes from the Dolomite Pass trail at Katherine lake and actually goes over the Pass south between Dolomite Peak and Oxo Peak, through to Mosquito Creek Trail and out to the highway at Mosquito Creek Hostel.  From Katherine lake there is no official trail and none to be found until you intersect the Mosquito Creek Trail going to Molar Pass. Two cars are needed for this trip. One at the start at Helen Lake and the other at Mosquito Creek Hostel. The route is fairly obvious until the bushwhacking piece through the woods to Mosquito Creek Trail. No need to worry about getting lost in the woods as long as you head down hill it will come out onto the trail. We came out were the trail is very close the creek. Then turn right and hike out to the road about 2.5 km. Other trips in this area.

Wild Flowers

Just reached Helen Lake Valley at 3.4 Km

Creek Crossing Cirque Peak center

At Helen Lake with Cirque Peak behind

Walking down to Katherine Lake

Katherine Lake with the Dolomites behind

Walking by Katherine Lake

View to the Pass

The official Dolomites Pass trail goes north down through the valley center

Glacier hanging on to Dolomite Peaks north side

At the Col to the Pass. Hector with glacier and Noseeum Mt

Looking down from the Col

Back to the Col Pass

Follow the creek down as it narrows

Late snow impedes the way through

Valley opens up with the Dolomites to the right

The creek flows through open landscape

Time to bushwhack to Molar Pass trail and out to Mosquito Creek Hostel

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